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A boy with a genetic disorder rolls with assistance in a private somatic intensive

Truly Personalized Education Plans

Our individualized, holistic somatic approach to learning has given many children new avenues of physical awareness and exploration which has often led to remarkable examples of bodymind progress and awakening. In more severe disability cases, the emphasis will be on intensive bodywork to release contractures and to re-pattern flow coordinations of the body; for children with more advanced gross motor ability, sessions will focus on the development of movement skills, physical strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. 

Sessions are taped, and parents can follow up afterwards with online consultations.

For many parents, intensives provide an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the possibilities that lie dormant in their child.

  • 2 -3 week duration
  • 1 -3 hours daily sessions
  • Video assessments and interviews
  • Assistance with housing and logistical arrangements
  • Available to local and international families
A young girl with a disability receives bodywork from an adapted spiral praxis practitioner in a private intensive
Two instructors teach bodymind awareness to a young child with cerebral palsy in a private intensive

One-On-One Intensives

Accelerated Holistic Learning

The Spiral Movement Center offers one-on-one intensives for children with special needs and disabilities, for conditions ranging from autism and ADHD to cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, and global developmental delay. We work closely with each family to determine goals and outcomes in order to progress as rapidly as possible during the intensive. The intensity of the sessions are balanced by an appropriate level of play and exploration—your child will be learning in a very supportive environment where they will feel safe to try their best. Our instructors make every effort to adapt to your child’s style of learning and to provide activities that they will find stimulating and challenging. 

Request a Free Assessment for Your Child

All participants at the Spiral Movement Center need to undergo an initial free 20-minute assessment. During the assessment we can discuss your child's situation as well as your goals and concerns. Please fill out the following form.

Thanks for submitting! We will be contacting you shortly.

Remote Video Assessment

Videos are invaluable for us to assess the needs of your child. To send us a video file:

1. Go to the free online file transfer service

2. Accept their terms and conditions.

3. Click on the + symbol to select your file(s).

4. Enter your email address and send to

5. You can add a message to the transfer, but it is optional.

6. Press "Transfer".

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