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The staff of the Spiral Movement Center gather at a window on a rainy day


Adapted Spiral Praxis founder Yuji Oka stands at a window


Yuji Oka

I graduated from the school of dance at Ohio State University, with a background in physics. With my former partner Stephanie Gottlob, we developed the Motion! curriculum at the Positive Education Program in Cleveland. 

I have been studying somatics and movement for over 30 years, and the Spiral Movement Center and its curricula are a product of those years of study and research.


Andrew Hlavats, RSMT

I have studied under Yuji Oka at the Spiral Movement Center for the last 5 years, and in 2018 received my Spiral Praxis Teacher Certification, as well as the ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) designation. I have been teaching children with special needs for the last two years in private sessions, group classes, and intensives.

I'm passionate about teaching and discovering creative and fun ways of presenting our movement and yoga curricula. I am deeply committed to helping everyone I work with, young or old, find their own creativity and potential.

Adapted Spiral Praxis instructor Andrew Hlavats standing at a window



Pamela Andrews, RSME

I have always loved children and have worked with kids most of my adult life. Later in life, I was blessed with 2 children of my own. My son, Aidan (now 16) was born with HIE and later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After his birth, I immersed myself in studying anything that might help him.


In 2012, I took the Adapted Yoga training at the Spiral Movement Centre and it changed the course of my life. In 2016, I started the SPASP training. I am now a certified Somatic Movement Educator. I am passionate about helping others connect to their own inner awareness through simple somatic techniques.

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