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"She has made huge progress on crawling, rolling, standing and walking"

— Parent

[The] Spiral Movement Center provides a warm and fun environment that motivates my daughter to try different movements while having fun. She has made huge progress on crawling, rolling, standing and walking. Yuji and his team are one of a kind caring people and really want to help. Thank you Yuji and your team!

"It is almost impossible to put into words how wonderful the work they do is"

— Parent

My non-speaking autistic son has been attending classes and private sessions here for over 5 years. We consider his weekly time with Andrew and Yuji (and previously, Stephanie) essentials in his schedule. It is almost impossible to put into words how wonderful the work they do is. They seek to understand each disabled person's needs as unique and then think of creative way to help them improve and practice how they move their bodies for better living. Go to their website and facebook page to see videos of some of the amazing help they have given to so many.

"Yuji's holistic approach gave our kid the confidence she needs to move"

— Parent

It was absolute pleasure to meet Yuji during our daughter's two week Adapted Spiral Praxis intensive in San Francisco. Yuji is so passionate about what he does. He is very patient and good with kids. He made therapy fun for her which is a hard task to achieve. We heard giggles and laughers outside of the therapy room which is a comfort to every parent.

My daughter is a seven year old who has CP. She has difficulties with all movements. After the two week intensive, she was able to surprise us with movements she was not able to do before like scooting in circles and holding in crawling position. Yuji's holistic approach gave our kid the confidence she needs to move. He is a hard working individual full of energy. We highly recommend his service.

Yuji has many talents, full of ideas, and most of all he BELIEVES IN our kids. He made impossible possible.

"I think this therapy is truly amazing"

— Parent

I found this place by searching exercises for my kids online and was truly amazed at the videos of other patients. I have triplets with cerebral palsy and I was very impressed by the great reviews/reports from this place, so we decided to take a 2 week trip there (coming from Texas) and give this therapy a try. From the moment I met Yuji I found a very honest, honorable person. He was willing to work with my kids at any time we were available, with flexibility and understanding of our needs.

Both my kids responded well to the therapy, and we started to see improvements in such a short time. It’s almost like a switch physically and mentally turned on during the therapy. They loved their sessions and were always looking forward to it. Thanks to this therapy our neurologist decided not to give my son baclofen (medication to treat muscle spasms). Even though he has quadriplegia, he can now roll on his own and use his hands more purposefully. He has learned to relax his body and he’s still re-Discovering everything he can do. My other son has hemiplegia, and is now starting to use his right hand to grab objects and use it also for weight bearing. All of this took place in just 2 weeks of treatment. I want to take them back as I think this therapy is truly amazing. All of my boy’s therapists and the neurologist were very impressed at how different in tone and movement my boys were. My OT even said that I hit the jackpot with this therapy and I truly believe I did. I’m looking forward to returning with my kids to discovery other possibilities that this therapy may open up.

"It has definitely benefited her physically and mentally far beyond our aspirations"

— Parent

Your yoga programme has surpassed our highest expectations.....Jennifer so looks forward to each Sun. with anticipation and joy! She is constantly practicing her poses at any moment and sometimes at inappropriate times (tries to get our friends on the floor).

...[Jen would] be devastated without her weekly yoga fix! It has definitely benefited her physically and mentally far beyond our aspirations!

"One of the most successful [recoveries] he's seen to date"

— Parent

Robbie's annual check up with his neurosurgeon went very well and the neurosurgeon was very pleased with Robbie's recovery, saying the Robbie's recovery was one of the most successful he's seen to date. For the past 18 months Robbie physical and occupational therapies have been through Spiral Movement Centre. The growth in Robbie's mover skills with his affected right side has been quite pronounced. From learning how to hop and balance on his right foot to reaching and giving a person a hug with both arms. The therapies have given Robbie an increased awareness of his right side. He now actively engages it despite the difficulty. We look forward to his continued improvement and working with the centre to see just how far we can take Robbie's recovery.

"[The doctor] was just amazed at her gains"

— Parent

Amanda has a genetic syndrome and we have a doctors visit to a geneticists every 2 years. This doctor has followed Amanda since birth. We saw him the other day and he was just amazed at her gains. He was so surprised he brought in other doctors to see how Amanda has progressed.

"Definitely some of the best money we've ever spent on this kid!"

— Parent

Definitely some of the best money we've ever spent on this kid! Hard to describe, but basically it's like re-tracing developmental / foundational / core movements like crawling, and rolling, and building on that to increase the child's ability (and confidence) to "move" and be coordinated. This stuff is not easy for him. It didn't come naturally. He works so hard. And now he gives a look like, "Yah, I got this."

"I could not be happier with Sean's progress"

— Parent

Stephanie is amazingly resourceful and knew how to engage Sean since the very first class. On the spot she creates little stories and games to keep him motivated. For me, Stephanie’s years of experience on her field is what makes the difference. I could not be happier with Sean’s progress.

"Her balance and strength have improved"

— Parent

Stephanie and Yuji use a great combination of high expectations and appropriate support to help students reach their potential. Since Ella started yoga, her balance and strength have improved, and she has more confidence in her movements in general. She frequently does yoga poses at home and at school, so we know it feels good to her.

"[My son] enjoys the program a great deal"

— Parent

My son, now 19, has been attending Adapted Yoga for almost two years. Although he is not always able to articulate such things, it is clear that he enjoys the program a great deal. Perhaps the greatest change we have seen in him is the ability to stay calm and quiet for lengths of time, and in circumstances, where such behaviour would have been impossible before.

"Every class is different and challenging"

— Parent

MOVEMENT!® is a key part of the "uncontrolled" experiment that is our son! Every class is different and challenging; making it engaging and unique to the individual. I have seen my son improve in his day to day gross motor skills and now he is able to sit more effectively during carpet time, because he has built up his core and upper body strength in Stephanie's class. It's like his very own personal trainer.

"[He] has truly enjoyed his experience with the yoga program"

— Parent

Daniel has truly enjoyed his experience with the yoga program. He is much calmer and is able to calm himself down better than ever. He has more awareness of himself. He remembers every single pose and can show them if asked. I think what Daniel enjoys the most is seeing all of his yoga "mates" every Sunday. Daniel is happier and more in tune with himself and seems more aware of others around him.

"Personal training, therapist, and inventive playmate all in one"

— Parent

Charlie has met Stephanie at exactly the right moment. Think personal training, therapist and inventive playmate all in one. I do not know how she does this but she seems to know what to say to Charlie, mix in imaginative play and has completely gained his trust....what a wonder.

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