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A group Motion! class with one student learning a rope ladder sequence


The mission of the motor programs at the Spiral Movement Center is to provide families with high-quality somatic programs for children, teens and young adults with special needs/disabilities. The focus of all our programs is on the inner experience of our students—on the development of body awareness, physical progress, confidence and self-reliance.  To achieve this, SMC attempts to build an ecologically balanced community.  All our programs encourage creative exploration, group interaction and trust between teachers, caregivers, parents and child. We want to provide a safe, supportive environment where people with special needs can strive to reach their highest potential.

Adapted Spiral Praxis programs have been praised around the world for their simplicity, effectiveness, and creative humanistic focus. Our programs are built around intimate one-on-one sessions or small classes where students are given strong individual attention. We believe that all children with special needs have unique ways of perceiving, acting and expressing themselves in the world. Our teachers work with a child’s creative strengths and not with their weaknesses—we have faith that this  philosophy gives a child the best chance to succeed.

The original teaching techniques and groundbreaking rehabilitation services are beginning to be recognized world-wide. Our programs have been implemented by the Positive Education Program and The Center for START Services in the United States, by community centres and schools in Canada, and we are slowly developing a network of trained teachers to disseminate the work worldwide.

These programs are based on the PINU principles for children with special needs/disabilities:


Every child with special needs is capable of achieving great progress within their unique abilities.


Good education begins with awakening a child’s interest in their own bodies and their capacity to feel, sense and move.


All our programs strive to meet the practical and immediate needs of families of children with special needs/disabilities.


We believe children learn best when they are encouraged to form strong, loving social bonds with their peers and caregivers.

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