Holistic Somatic Healing for Kids

with Special Needs & Disabilities

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1 on 1 Sessions

Our private sessions are tailored to the needs of the child. We have worked successfully with over a thousand children diagnosed with autism, developmental delays, cerebral palsy and genetic disorders.


Our groundbreaking Movement! curriculum revisits fundamental motor skills, including rolling, crawling, and jumping. It is one of the first developmental motor curricula in North America.

Adapted Yoga

Our original Adapted Yoga program is designed to help children develop strength, coordination, flexibility and social interaction through yoga. It has been implemented by many major mental health institutions in Canada and the US.

Adapted Spiral Praxis Intensives

SMC offers two- to three-week intensives, which consist of daily one-on-one sessions. They are designed to bring rapid progress to your child's motor abilities through bodywork, movement and play.

Thanks to this therapy our neurologist decided not to give my son baclofen (medication to treat muscle spasms). Even though he has quadriplegia, he can now roll on his own and use his hands more purposefully. He has learned to relax his body and he’s still re-Discovering everything he can do. My other son has hemiplegia, and is now starting to use his right hand to grab objects and use it also for weight bearing. All of this took place in just 2 weeks of treatment.... All of my boy’s therapists and the neurologist were very impressed at how different in tone and movement my boys were. My OT even said that I hit the jackpot with this therapy and I truly believe I did.

    Celia, Parent


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